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PBS install brewery approved Harris AS5034 compliant gas regulator boards with the gas distribution systems . The regulator boards are fitted with High Flo Regulators, pressure relief valves and anti-whip cylinders leads, all comply to AS5034.

PBS carries out six and twelve monthly maintenance and certification of gas distribution as laid down in AS5034 -2015.


On the 28th of October 2005 a new Australian Standard known as AS5034: Installation and use of inert gases for beverage dispensing came into effect. It sets out the requirements for the use of inert gases for beverage dispensing and looks at all areas associated with the hazards of compressed and refrigerated gases such as carbon dioxide.

Compressed inert gas systems (beer gas) consists of:

  • Gas Supply Systems – cylinders (single and multiple, refrigerated liquid CO2 supply, on-site gas generation and mixing and compressed air

  • Gas Distribution Systems – regulator boards, safety devices and piping

  • Beverage Dispensing Applications – Post mix and ready to drink (pre-mix) applications, bottled wine dispensing, draught beer and ready to drink kegs.

Due to all gas systems being under pressure, it is possible that the system and equipment connections may develop leaks, causing build-up of inert gases in cellars and low level areas which presents hazards for personnel working in those areas. Due to the pressure in gas systems CO2 bottles contain 5000KPA mixed gases up to 25000KPA, safety devices are now part of the gas distribution system to ensure that in the event of a gas regulator failure high pressure can’t reach the keg ,causing it to explode in a worst case scenario. Kegs have a bursting pressure of anywhere between 350- 440K.

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