Beverage Monitoring Systems

Beverage Monitoring : The Live Sentry Beverage Security System

Bevcon Sentry Beverage Security System offers real-time integrated inventory control over draught beer, electronically dispensed spirits, bulk wines and post-mix guns.'s

Integration to your POS system allows Sentry to compare pours to recorded sales, with variance reports available on demand or through automated scheduling.

Beverage metering enables you to hold bartenders accountable for their performance, and through appropriate management to reduce waste, eliminate pilferage and maximise profits.
Because: Every. Drop. Counts.
• All pours are recorded on your PC and tracked by area/station, brand, quantity and exact time and date
• Sentry has proven interfaces to most POS systems (see list below)
• Knowing when and where product goes missing allows you to effectively use video surveillance to determine who is responsible
• Monitoring of draught beer and electronically dispensed spirits provides effective control over 75- 80% of bar sales in most venues
• Sentry can monitor Bevcon Spirit Guns/Towers, our New Bottle Guardian, ETN's and EMU's as well as post-mix and bulk wines
• Typical reported increase in profitability exceeds 6%
• Our SQL-based Corporate SVM software is designed for multi-venue operations, while our standard package suits single sites

Reporting Options: Our Beverage Variance Management (BVM) software offers a wide range of reporting formats:

bevcon interval Graph









                                      Interval Graphs

Bevcon Live Graphing








               Live Graphing

Bevcon Spreadsheets

POS Interfaces

Sentry has current and proven interfaces to the following POS systems:
iControl (Finchcorp)
IdealPos (Jensen Data and others)
• Senpos
• Task Manager
Task Retail - (Exchangexec)


Is your POS System not on the list? We can write new interfaces to any POS system provided you  can provide us with time and date stamped transactions - please call us to enquire

Sample Reports

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