Beer Pumps

Beer Pumps

By installing or upgrading to a beer pumps systems you can take advantage of the savings in gas consumption (up to 65%) minimise beer wastage and eliminate over carbonation. Beer pumps  also lessen gas leaks due to the lower pressures that the system operates on.

By using an air compressor to power the beer pumps you reduce the amount of gas you use and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. The cost of a beer pumps  is normally repaid in 12-24 months depending on your keg consumption.

PBS Beer Pumps Will

  • Save Gas Usage
  • Cut beer wastage
  • Eliminate over carbonation
  • Eliminate the use of mixed gas

How Does It Work?

Client Testimonials

  • Max Smith, Hotel Windsor - We rely on Premier to keep our beverage system in peak operating condition. They have done a great job in maintenance, upgrades & staff training.
  • Steve Schreuder, Limerick Arms Hotel - I have worked with Wayne & Ben from PBS for many years in various hotels. They have always been reliable with knowledge that covers all areas of our beverage systems. I can highly recommend PBS as a service provider.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We offer a 24 hour emergency service. If your beer system is blocked or if your gas lines have sprung a leak, call us any time and we’ll be onsite to fix any issue.

Blockages & Leaks, Coolroom Issues, Gas Problems & More

Call 03 9555 0832

Specialised Items

Over the years we have invested in or developed a number of specialised service items which help us offer the most comprehensive service package in the industry.

Ben Viner, director of PBS

Beer system installations & servicing is our specialty  Contact Us

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